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5.0 kw

90 km/h

110 km (30km/h)

48V 30Ah, Dual Battery

beyond the future

The DEUX series is an E3MOBILITY product based on Republic of Korea's engineering know-how and is an electric motorcycle that guarantees excellent quality and stability.

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Eco-Friendly Design

DEUX is the first electric two-wheeled vehicle product among infinite forms of transportation that can be developed based on the BSS infrastructure. Since the time inefficiency of the existing plug-in method has been eliminated with the battery replacement system method, a fully charged battery can be exchanged immediately at the battery station without waiting.


Environment Improvement

Reducing air pollution using elecric energy. Module type battery can be reused as a power source for outdoor activity such as camping. By replacing the cost of dismantling the currently neglected public telephone booth with the cost of renovating the battery station, it is possible to efficiently relocate the urban 


City Life Solution

It is related to the environmental problem, which is the biggest issue of the present time. By using electricity, exhaust pollution from internal combustion engines can be reduced. You can be free from engine noise of internal combustion engine vehicles.


Big Data, Application.

The vehicle control unit (VCU) is the top-level control unit of the DEUX that communicates with the CLU, BMS, MCU, and other controllers. It transmits the vehicle's main commands such as vehicle control, determinations of the drive status, and torque control.

Best Performance
Highest Efficiency

DEUX equipped with Hyundai Kepico's latest powertrain and LG Energy Solution battery, shows the strongest performance and highest efficiency.

Technical Details