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Battery Swapping System  of E3MOBILITY

BATTON is a battery-specialized solution of E3MOBILITY

BATTON was created to provide higher efficiency and stability in two-wheeler EV ecosystem.

BATTON aims to share batteries and transmit eco-friendly products across generations.

Through the new EV battery ecosystem consisting of a shared system, you can experience eco-friendly efficiency and generational communication through "BATTON."

E3 Brand_KT.png

Best Efficiency

The BATTON station was installed utilizing a less frequently used public phone site. It represents the highest efficiency in all areas, including public environment, carbon emissions and accessibility.

Swap Battery More Easily!

You no longer need to wait for charging time or manage the battery. Find a nearby battery replacement station through the app or sign up for a subscription service!

The location and user guide are currently geared only to Republic of Korea. We will update to the global version as soon as possible, so please understand.
The BATTON service is currently available in Seoul, Daegu, South Korea and Bali, Indonesia. We are working on a service to provide more convenient service for many people, so please wait. For more information, please use Contact.
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